Tyre Services

We offer a range of branded tyres from premium to cost efficient brands.

Diamond Cutting Process

We use the diamond cutting process to give our alloys a polish look. This process is done before the lacquer is applied.

Brake Callipers

Almas Refurbs specialise in brake calliper refurbs to give you that stylish look.

Powder Coating

We powder coat our alloys for a much resilient finish to be more resistant to damage and corrosion.

Alloy Wheel Welding

Alloy wheel welding repairs to minor bumps right down to severe pothole damages and cracks.

Wheel Straightening

We specialise in alloy wheel straightening, from minor buckles through to severe damages due to potholes.

Fixing alloys and making the world go round.

From alloy refurbishment down to powder coating, we make sure your alloys are in good hands.


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